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An innovative, 100% plastic truck bedliner that looks and feels like carpet.

  BedRug is more durable and versatile than any traditional drop-in or spray- on liner.

  • Full BedRug for No-Liner Applications

  • BedRug Mat for Drop- In Liners

  • BedRug Mat for Spray- On Liners



When you first experience BedRug, it can be hard to believe it's PLASTIC.  Made from the same material as the battery box in your truck, nothing can hurt it - bleach, battery acid, gas and oil simply washes off.  BedRug complements the look of your truck.  It's pliable, molded construction maintains the original shape and features of your trucks bed.  It makes your truck look better than any drop-in or spray-on liner.


BedRug is a snap to clean and durable enough to withstand the toughest loads.

  Throw in firewood, mulch, dirt or concrete blocks.  None of these materials will harm the BedRug.  BedRug's soft yet resilient material will not scratch the bed of your truck and is made of 100% closed cell polypropylene, which will not absorb any water.  Moisture simply runs off the carpet through the zippers and out the drain holes in the bed.  Because BedRug will not scratch or grind away at the paint surface, the bed underneath will look like new when BedRug is removed - a huge bonus at trade-in time.  And when you are ready for a new truck, BedRug can be easily transferred, provided it has the same bed.


Soft to the touch, BedRug has no hard surface or bedliner "ribs" to hurt your knees.  BedRug is perfect for sleeping on when camping, or lounging at a tail gate party, yet performs throughout the work week as a tough liner.  BedRug's supple surface is slip resistant.  Cargo won't slide during quick accelerations, hard braking or sharp curves.  With BedRug, you can haul possessions without fear they will be tossed and damaged during transportation.  No hard drop-in or spray-on liner can make that claim.

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