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How to Install Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tanks

Many diesel truck owners know that installing an auxiliary diesel fuel tank is a great support system to allow them extended driving and towing. And when you're planning to drive your pick-up on extended trips, having the luxury of knowing you have that extra fuel in emergency situations can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you'll always have enough fuel to get you where you need to go.

But, if you are looking to install auxiliary diesel fuel tanks for pickup trucks there are a few steps you'll need to follow to ensure the installation is done properly and safely. pickup truck 
auxiliary diesel fuel 

Step #1 - Clear your work area and truck bed

The first thing you always do when attempting to install an auxiliary diesel fuel tank is to make sure you have plenty of space in which to work. Most accidents and injuries occur when people are not prepared to work on a project or are cramped for space to move freely. You'll also make sure to remove any items inside the bed of the truck like a bed mat for example.

Step #2 - Grab a buddy to help you for a while

Auxiliary diesel fuel tanks for pickup trucks usually aren't very heavy items. However, you may find the need to jack your truck up to provide yourself with more working room when connecting the auxiliary tank to your factory tank. This is when it is advisable to grab the assistance of a friend to help you out - just to be on the safe side.

Step #3 - Set up the placement of the auxiliary diesel fuel tank

Before you start cutting holes in your pickup bed, you'll first want to place the auxiliary diesel fuel tank in the position you want to install it. You want to make sure to install the tank away from the sides, the front or back of the bed as well. The key is you want to have space on all four sides of the auxiliary fuel tank to make sure that no vibrations on the truck impact the tank, causing potential damage to the tank.

Step #4 - Mark the holes where you will install the tank on the truck bed

You then need to make sure to properly and visibly mark the holes where you'll attach the fuel tank to the bed of the pickup. Make sure you use a brightly colored marking tool such as a wax pen or chalk, so you don't mistakenly drill the wrong hole.

Step #5 - Start drilling holes

After you've marked the holes, remove the auxiliary diesel fuel tank from the pickup bed and drill the holes using an electric drill and a drill bit that matches the bolts you are using. Before you drill though, make sure you check the undercarriage of the truck bed to make sure there are no other items under the holes that you might hit. It would be bad to drill holes into your existing fuel tank or another important item.

Step #6 - Install mounting hardware

Next you'll replace your auxiliary fuel tank in position and use the manufactured recommended mounting hardware to fasten the fuel tank in position. This is also when you'll need a friend to hold the nuts or bolts in place as you tighten them from either the bottom or top of the auxiliary truck bed fuel tank.

Step #7 - Set up the Filter

If you decide to utilize an inline fuel filter, you will need to prime the fuel filter before you install it. To do this, remove the fuel filter and fill it up with diesel fuel. Then fill your fuel tank with diesel.

Step #8 - Using the unit

The final step is actually using the auxiliary fuel tank. Each manufacture has different instructions so make sure to check with them on how it is supposed to work and transfer fuel to your main fuel source.

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