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Truck Tool Boxes and Equipment

Large Selection Commercial Truck and Consumer Grades

Featuring Dee Zee, Unique, BRUTE, Pro-Tech, K&W, Phoenix USA Truck Boxes

dee zee single lid Single Lid Truck Tool Boxes

Single Lid tool boxes are the most popular style of truck tool box sold today.  Sometimes called Crossover Style or Saddle Boxes this style tool box offers the best solution for storage and security while maintaining clear visibility as you drive.  These Single Lid Boxes come from some of the best known names in the truck business.  Names such as, Dee Zee, Unique, K&W, BRUTE and Pro-Tech.  Our selections offer something for every storage box need that may arise.  Full size, mid size and imports, we have the box for you and if we can't find exactly what you are looking for, we can also offer custom built boxes for any application or need.

BRUTE Heavy Duty BRUTE Truck Tool Boxes

BRUTE Heavy Duty Tool Boxes are manufactured by Unique Truck Accessories and are made to exceed the needs and requirements of heavy duty applications.  A complete selection of boxes are available and include, TopSider Style, Underbody / Underbed and Flat Bed Designed Truck Boxes.  Drop down doors, Top Hinged Doors, units with Drawers and Barn Door Styles are available.  Made from heavy duty Diamond Plate Aluminum, these tool boxes have Reinforced Corners for extra strength, full 1/4" Stainless Steel Hinge Pins, Compression Handles with Roller Cam Latches and  convenient Rain Gutters to help keep water away from door seals. This selection works great for any up fitter or out fitter as they can be arranged in a number of different ways to provide the perfect solution for many needs. Special Aluminum Mounting Brackets are also available.


dee zee gull wing Gull Wing Tool Boxes

The Gull Wing boxes are another option for the Crossover or Saddle Style Toolbox .  Featuring a two door top lid, this style box provides easy access from either side of the truck.  Available with either paddle handle or push button latches, this box is sure to be admired by all.  Dee Zee, Unique, BRUTE, Pro-Tech all have models for your viewing and choosing.  

dee zee utility 
		chest Utility Chest or Floor Mount

Utility Chest or Floor Mounted products are often overlooked as a versatile alternative. The Chest Box offers exceptional storage ability.  Since this truck tool box rests on the trucks floor there is virtually no limit to the weight you can carry in the box.  No need to worry about the "sway back" look that you sometimes see in Crossover / Saddle Boxes, caused by overloading.  The Utility Chest Box can be filled to the brim and will safely hold and protect your valuable possessions.  Available from Dee Zee, Unique, BRUTE and Pro-Tech, we are sure to have something for your needs. 

dee zee side 
		mount / rail mount Side or Rail Mounted

Side Mount or Rail Mount units , used by themselves or in partnership with a Crossover / Saddle Box, provides an excellent way to expand the storage capacity of your truck.  A real favorite with tradesmen, the Side Mount Truck Tool Box comes in standard lengths from 47 inches up to 87 inches in length.  These different lengths make it possible to fit most any truck bed, 5.5 foot, 6.5 foot or 8 foot.  Paddle Handle or Push Button latches are available.  Check out our Combo Package page for excellent discount packages on the most popular truck combinations.  

Unique <br>
		topsider box TopSider Rail Mounted Truck Tool Boxes

The TopSider Style - Rail Mounted, offers the largest amount of storage area of all available truck tool boxes.  Available in lengths from 48 inches up to 96 inches, you are sure to find just what you want.  Standard styles are available with single and double doors as well as the very popular Clam Shell Truck Toolboxes which are designed with one big door that has the hinge on the top to allow full access to everything you carry.  We also have the very popular double level boxes from BRUTE with either doors on both levels or with an upper door and lower drawers.  These BRUTE units are some of the most sought after boxes sold in the US today.  We also have the BRUTE High Capacity Box that is built especially to equip the flat bed truck body.

Unique <br>
		underbed / underbody Underbed / Underbody

Underbed or Underbody tool box units allow you to take advantage of the wasted space under your truck bed.  Easy to mount and easy to use.  Sizes ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches wide and available in steel or aluminum.  Shelf kits are available to allow you to double the useable space and better organize your truck tool box.  Truck tool boxes from Dee Zee, BRUTE, PhoenixUSA, including the very popular drawer equipped box from BRUTE with a lower flip down door and upper divided drawer. 

dee zee wheel well / 
		pork chop Wheel Well or Pork Chop Style

Often referred to as a Pork Chop Truck Tool Box, because of it unusual shape, this box takes advantage of the often wasted space located directly behind the truck inner fender wells.  Truck boxes are available with top openings as well as drawers for the storage of those small, often lost, parts and pieces.  Dee Zee, Pro-Tech and BRUTE each offer a great selection for your truck tool box needs.

built in drawers to provide the ultimate in 
		storage and security Truck Bed Tool Box

Known as the "Ultimate Truck Tool Box" because of its strength and design.  Made by Hagerstown Metal Fabricators, these truck tool boxes are available in lengths of 48 - 72 - 95 inches and widths of 40 or 48 inches.  When mounted on the floor of your truck you will have two full length drawers to store your items in.  These drawers allow easy access to all items without having to crawl into the trucks bed.  There are also kits that can be added to the drawers to divide the storage area length wise, width wise or a combination of both.  Make individual storage areas for each different part you carry.  Makes finding, inventorying and reordering items a breeze.  Save valuable time and effort in your daily work routine.    

dee zee Brute fifth wheel storage units  Fifth Wheel

Fifth Wheel Tool Box available for the front and rear of truck bed. Front mounted boxes are designed to rest below the truck bed cap height to allow the truck to make sharper turns without having the trailer make contact with the trucks box. Rear mounted boxes allow a better view when backing the vehicle up and are also low enough to clear the trailer hitch assembly. Rear boxes come with handy doors and drawers to allow access to the contents while the trailer is still hooked up to the truck.  Offerings from Dee Zee and BRUTE.

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