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Extra Fuel Tanks for Pickup Trucks: What You Need To Know

Extra fuel tanks for pickup trucks allow you to extend the fuel capacity of your truck, by allowing you to connect the tank directly to the existing factory fuel tank. We offer both diesel auxiliary fuel tanks and tanks for gasoline powered trucks

We offer a variety of diesel tanks for pickup trucks and they come with all the clamps, hoses, valves and fittings needed for a safe and easy installation.

Auxiliary fuel tanks for pickup trucks increase your fuel capacity so you can drive longer, which saves you time. They also allow you to save time because you re-fuel less often. One of the biggest benefits is being able to take advantage of fuel prices. When the cost of fuel is down, you can stock up at the lower price.

There is a difference between an auxiliary fuel tank and a Fuel transfer tank. A transfer tank is designed to help you move fuel safely to a job site where it will be used. It is not designed to be hooked up to the truck or used as an extra fuel source. It's a transportation vessel. When it comes to transfer tanks, we have various combo tool box/fuel transfer tanks that you can explore.

Some truck owners choose to carry extra fuel in a transport tank and stop to fill up from the tank when needed. That gets messy and is time consuming. Fuel handling is less messy with an auxiliary tank than with separate cans. Another item to note, if you are crossing the border, extra fuel cans may be taxable and internal auxiliary tanks are usually not.

Decide what solution is best for you and order it today. With the cost of fuel being what it is, storing extra fuel at lower costs will make a difference on your bottom line.

Please note: All of our auxiliary fuel tanks are certified to meet FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) Standards.

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