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Cargo Safety Nets

Gladiator Cargo Nets - Number 1 Choice in Cargo Containment

What makes the Gladiator line of Cargo Nets the highest rated cargo net on the market? They are easy to use, durable and incredibly strong. Manufactured from 1 1/2 inch heavy duty, weatherproof webbing with triple layer reinforced edges and integrated rip-stop technology giving the nets the ability to secure large cargo loads and take the abuse that a commercial use will bring. The Gladiator design features many attachment points along their edges that provide the the ability to hold your cargo where you want it. This limits shifting of your load and holds it in an extra secure fashion. Your new Gladiator Cargo Net comes with four hardware straps to secure the net and a handy storage bags to keep your cargo net until the next time you need it.

Used by large and small fleets, government, military and private owners.  Easy to use safe and secure cargo containment.  One year limited warranty. 

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