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What Is An Auxiliary Fuel Tank And Why Should You Get One?

auxiliary fuel tank tool box combo

Do you often travel long distances, or have to visit various job sites throughout the day? Read here to learn what an auxiliary fuel tank is and its benefits.

Long hauls and trips can be demanding. Staying fed and safe is one side of things. Keeping your truck fueled on long, desolate roads is an even more important piece of the puzzle. An auxiliary fuel tank will make longer distances a breeze.

What's the difference between transfer and auxiliary fuel tanks

Dee Zee Transfer Tank


If you’re looking at additional fuel storage for your truck you’ll no doubt run into both transfer tanks and auxiliary fuel tanks, and often there is a pretty big price difference even though they look pretty similar.  So what’s causing the price difference and which one do you need?


How to install a diesel auxiliary fuel tank

auxiliary fuel tank for diesel

Many diesel truck owners know that installing an auxiliary diesel fuel tank is a great support system to allow them extended driving capability. And when you’re planning to drive your pick-up on extended trips, having the luxury of knowing you have that extra fuel in emergency situations can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have enough fuel to get you where you need to go. But, if you’re looking to install auxiliary diesel fuel tanks for pickup trucks there are a few steps you’ll need to follow to ensure the installation is done properly and safely.

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